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Premium Microscopy Supplies in Galveston, TX

In order to accomplish the full scope of your research, having the proper equipment can help scientists move forward with the most complex organisms that exist: microbes. Their research and development take years, in most cases, with the staggering mission to help humanity with biochemical solutions. That's why Hempstead Halide, Inc. provides the best in microscopy supplies in Galveston, TX, to aid in life-science breakthroughs.

We help businesses in the United States and Europe thrive, thanks in large part to our multifaceted capabilities. Thanks to our versatile skillset and emphasis on providing quality products, many companies have come to count on us for their entire chemical and equipment manufacturing needs. We serve a variety of industries, including:  Entomology Zoology Botany Histology Oncology Medical Testing

Our mounting solutions will hold all your samples in place to get the best sight of your specimens. Count on us to provide all the chemicals and equipment you need to bring all the microbes to their fullest visibility. Having the right tools and microscopy supplies will make your lab more efficient, so your scientists can achieve their best work and be productive. Working in life-science requires no small degree of precision, especially when every specimen is so unique.


The chemical solutions that you use for your specimens include the Hoyer’s mounting medium. The solution’s ability to clarify soft tissues makes it a popular choice among our microscopy supplies. At a competitive price, you can find all the solvents you need for your experiments. Contact us today and browse our supplies.